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Dino Eat is a small game I mde for my little son so he can play something with a friend without having to compete or lose.

The game has no objective, as is a prototype, but each dino starts small and grows as he eats. 

Note: When the timer reaches zero, it will quit the game.


  • Creatures will avoid you, but are attracted to food.
  • Each dinosaur has an influence radiusand a damage factor  based on it's size.
  • Each dino starts small and grows as he eats.
  • Each dinosaur has an advantage: T-Rex screams and paralizes targets, Triceratops can attack without stopping and Raptor has increased speed.
  • You can select which dino to use at the start of the round.

Special Keys:

  • F1: resets everything to zero (except the time).
  • PLUS and MINUS: grows/shrinks all dinos.
  • PAGE BUTTONS: Add/subtracts 60 seconds from time.
  • F5 or F6: lets player1/2 select a new dino.
  • F10: switches fullscreen mode.
  • F12: Disables/enables the timer.

The controls of the game are as follows:

  • Raptor movement: WASD and IOP for "EAT", "ATTACK", "SCREAM"
  • Rex movement: ARROWS  and NUMPAD_4/5/6 for "EAT", "ATTACK", "SCREAM"

Keep in mind this is a prototype and is tailored after my son's playing habits, so don't expect polish or coherence. If you like the concept, leave a comment and ill probably make it a real game.

Any feedback is welcome.


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