More features, less bugs (?)

So, i've been bug hunting a little and adding some new features, but probably they will go unnoticed.

So, here's the list:

  • Now when you collide against an obstacle, you'll get pushed away a little, making avoiding walls less annoying.
  • Controller support is now implemented directly in-code. It's still recommended that if you particular gamepad does not work correctly, that you switch to using a button -> keyboard stroke emulator (like joy2key).
  • Now you can shoot faster (no longer you have to wait for the last bullet to die), although there is a little "reload" time between shots.
  • Some improvements  that include: the positioning of some elements in the hud and menus and general bug fixes,.
  • If more than two players spawn in a map, then this new entities take an empty tile so they no longer get stuck with other players and enemies.
  • Added more options to the Options menu.
  • You can now pause and quit the current match.

I won't be making new updates unless there's a request for it or I notice some major bugs/problems.



BattleCityMultiplayer_local_MP_support-v1.5-20190824.jar 17 MB
Aug 25, 2019

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