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So, after years of neglecting this project i started adding local multiplayer support and noticed many bugs and things that could be improved. 

Two Player Local-coop major features:

  • You can play in the same keyboard-
    • Player #1: WASD + L-SHIFT | SPACE
    • Player #2: ARROWS + NUMPAD_4|5|6|8
  • Lives are per players (will be shared in future updates).
  • Score is shared. Each player kill counts toward the same score.
  • 25% harder to get a new life by scoring (25K points)
  • You can pause the game by pressing "P" (works only in local coop for now).
  • Hit "F10" for fullscreen mode.

This is a list of some of the fixes:

  • Added "Restrict joining" directly into the options menu (if this is false, unlimited players can join in a hosted match).
  • TAB now shows name + playerID + number of lives
  • Each new player will have a unique tank color (up to 15 players).
  • Each new player (if more than two) will be assigned an empty tile for spawning.
  • If "Friendly Fire" is turned off, players no longer collide.
  • Improved performance a little.


BattleCityMultiplayer-v1.4-20190816_local_MP_support.jar 17 MB
Aug 16, 2019

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