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Character can go offscreen,so consider to make smaller ice area and for music and effects see  its the best site for that. :)

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Thanks. Art is currently from that site and yes, character can go offscreen still because it's a prototype. I'm just having fun with the mechanics. If it's worth it, i will make it into a game.

You should,its pretty interesting!

Oh yeah,I just want to give you some ideas for the game.You don't have to put them in game ofcourse.
1.Waves of the monsters(1,2,5,8,11,14,18,25 and so on...
2.Instead P for disabling the monsters,it will pause the game.
3.Controller support.(If its possible)
4.Co-op offline.(If its possible)
6. 1 or 10 points per monster kill.


Thanks for the feedback  and the ideas. Yeah, I will absolutelly be including some of them in the game and as for the P disabling the monsters, is just a debug feature. As long the game is in a prototype state, some strange things will happen, hehe. Cheers!

Cheers and thanks for hearing me out! :)