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Hey man, do you have any instructions on how to do multiplayer over TCP, trying to play with a friend overseas.  We've opened the ports in windows firewall and router and no luck joining the same game together...

After open TCP AND UDP ports, you should be able to connect. There's no other way. I play it very often with no problems. There's something blocking the connection most probably. Disable the router firewall if there's any. I should warn you though, the internet gameplay it's a little buggy at the time. If the connection is not good and not very fast, it will mostly break from time to time. I usually play in on the internet with friends under a solid connection.

Is there any any way that you make this game co-op?

It's co-op. What yo mean?

Offline Co-op...sorry for my fast writting.

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It's not required to be online for coop. You just have to connect another computer to your Lan ip. If you mean two people in same computer, be patient. I'm hoping to do a revision of this game in the coming future.

roger roger,thanks for the answer!!

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In the next days i will upload a version of this game with local multiplayer with the same keyboard and, hopefully, joystick support. Anyway, this version will be just the same game roughly adapted to make the other tank controllable. There will be bugs and maybe incompatibilities. Im doing this because i need it for a game party i will attend and i thought, for the time beign, it's the best i can do. In the future a new version of the game will come with renewed features. Enjoy!

How do me and my friend play?

Start a new game, give your ip to your friend and have him join a game with that ip. If you're behind a router or firewall, ports TCP 2596/UDP 2597 must be open.

Me and my friend keep getting in a game but it lags very bad and i keep getting disconnected. note we are on same wifi.

That's weird. I've tested it live many times through wifi, same local network, internet, etc, and never had serious lag issues or disconnects. If you play other games, those work okey? Try executing the jar through the command line and see what errors you get.